I went to the Renaissance Festival. You probably say, “Big deal!” or “Good for you.” For me it was a big deal because it was the first time I had experienced that kind of event. I am Houston raised so I have been to countless rodeos and carnivals. I remember the days of bizarres. Do people still have bizarres? Or we do we call a bizarre by another name? I remember going to the Florida state fair. All have very festive atmosphere. These places rekindle the sense of wonder that is so easily loss when adulting replaces the carefree nature of childhood. At the festival there are new foods and sights that arouse the curiosity lying dormant within. At the festival there are people in character. Yes, individuals walking around in costumes as if it is normal attire. Speaking in accents and behaving as if they live . . . in the past. If you allow yourself, you too can be translated into that time and explore history, through an experience. The tragedy is the world of wonder and escape can be ripped apart by evil. That is what happened in Las Vegas. They were at a country music festival. Many of the concert goers thought the sound of the guns being fired was “part of the show”. Horrible! These people were enjoying the moment until the horror of evil snatched them back to “reality”.

Victims Get Hospital Bills

In modern literature we do not have a mechanism to cause the reader to pause and contemplate the words they just read. We have the ellipsis and in the Bible there is the word Selah. None of which seem sufficient so I chose to put it as a heading. We have all been victims of others poor decisions. It doesn’t matter the degree of the infraction, in one way or another it costs us something. Consider this. Even if the shooter was caught alive from the Las Vegas shooting the victims would still receive hospital bills for the injuries they sustained. That is a literal instance of adding insult to injury. Never mind the missed days of work, the need for therapy both physical and emotional. The hospital has bills to pay, and guess who’s paying them? Reminder: this is a health/life insurance blog. If you have health insurance coverage through your employer or you have an individual health plan then you are in position to satisfy your obligations. If you are not insured then the tragedy (and we all face tragedies) is exacerbated by your lack of preparation. The Open Enrollment Period starts November 1st and ends December 15th.

Families Must Pay for Funerals

Current death toll 58. Joe Rogan, remember Joe Rogan from the original Fear Factor and analyst for UFC fights, has donated all his earnings from his next show (he’s also a comedian) to the families affected by the Las Vegas massacre. Bet you didn’t think about the reality of funeral services, flower arrangements and burials, did you? What about life after death? Not in a mystical/spiritual sense. I’m talking about the people that are going to continue to live even after you die. The people you love and take care of right now, that would be stranded if you were suddenly removed from their lives. I don’t want to be morbid I only want to have an honest conversation with you about the realities of this life we live. We’re going to continue to go to concerts and festivals. If we stop being social then the terrorists have won. Their objective is to cause us to change the way we live. But does that mean we carelessly go about our lives? Absolutely not! We need to use wisdom. Wisdom teaches us to be proactive. One course of action we can take is to plan for the inevitable. Whether it is by the hand of a gunman or on a bed surrounded by the people we love we should be prepared. It is a disgrace for a family to have to pass a hat or sell dinners to raise money to bury a loved one. GoFundMe is not the solution. That is the modern-day version of the hat being passed. Preparation, read life insurance and health insurance, allows us to live with peace of mind knowing that we have taken care of our responsibilities. It allows us to freely enjoy our moments without the concern of danger.

My Favorite Watch

I enjoy technology. All my devices are on my home network but I also have my network secured. There are products available that you can use to monitor your home remotely. I can tell which door was opened and at what time. I can even see how long that door was left open. There are even devices that will let you know if you left the stove on. Have you ever been sitting in the airport and wondered if you forgot to turn off the stove-don’t cook the morning of your first day of vacation. You can turn off your stove remotely in the event you are in the airport and forgot to turn it off. But what happens to the children of a father that was killed in Las Vegas that night who all want their father’s watch to remember him by but he didn’t take the time to prepare a will? That is a recipe for chaos and family dysfunction. Like the stove being left on the lack of forethought could cause our houses to burn down. I have loads of anecdotal evidence of that occurring.

Let’s not waste a crisis. We have observed hours of news coverage and will see as much as we can handle in the coming days or weeks. There will be memorials erected for the victims and legislation passed because of the actions of the person who committed that heinous crime. But will we only be observers? We need to use this as a catalyst to spur us to action. Allow the tragedy to provide perspective opposed to generating fear. Take tangible steps to prepare for what could happen.