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With a wide network of coverage options, we help in facilitating the right decision-making. As trusted experts, we provide consultancy and assistance for the following plans:

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan is also called Medigap, that supplements medical care costs that your original Medicare may not cover. This includes deductibles, co-insurance, or co-payments.

You pay a monthly premium to a private insurance provider to avail of the benefits of this plan. However, Medigap is only for those enrolled under Original Medicare.

Each state has different enhanced coverage schemes for Medigap policies. Also, there’s a minimal standard coverage approved by the respective state. Here, we help you to compare the best options in Texas to help you choose the right one.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

The Prescription Drug Plan comes under Medical Part D that helps to cover the costs of prescription drugs, excluded in both Original Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Medicare beneficiaries can buy Prescription Drug plan as standalone coverage alongside their original plan or enroll for Medicare Advantage that already covers this plan.

However, each plan differs in costs and types of drugs approved. So, we have licensed insurance advisors to help you choose the right plan approved by Medicare to meet your needs.

Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage is a private healthcare plan that offers both hospital and medicine insurance (Part A and Part B of Medicare). This plan covers all the expenses that your original Medicare covers, hospice care being an exception. There’s additional coverage for dental, hearing, vision, and other medical-related expenses. Most of the Medicare Advantage Plans cover the costs of prescription drugs as well.

Medicare Advantage includes health plans like Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans; Special Needs Plans (SNP), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans, and Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plans.

Costs and coverage details of Medicare Advantage plans may differ depending on your insurance provider and the county where you reside. But, our licensed agents can help to abridge the factors affecting your coverage for the best selection.

Why Choose GGC to
Find Your Medicare Plan?


Whether you want to understand how Medicare works or are looking to find the right plan, you can count on us. At GGC, we aim to educate the individuals, strategize their needs, and compare the best Medicare options.

Unbiased and Independent Advice

With accountability and authenticity at our heart, we offer completely unbiased and reliable suggestions to meet your Medicare requirements. We believe in innovation instead of relying on replicated opinions. Whatever are your Medicare questions, we’re here to answer them.

Experienced and Well-Informed Agents

Knowledge and information are the prerequisites to choose the right Medicare plan. Thankfully, we possess both with years of experience in serving people like you. Our team comprises well-informed and licensed insurance agents having a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Selection of Insurance Providers

At GGC, we know Medicare needs differ from one individual to another. So, we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions, nor do we stick to a few insurance providers. Instead, we provide options from various insurance companies so that you’ll find the best low-cost plans out there.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Without any obligation to enroll or any unnecessary fees, get the best Medicare advice from our licensed agents. Throughout your Medicare journey, we’ll cover your back and offer our guidance as and when you need it. At every step of this process, our primary focus remains on you and your welfare only.

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