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Count for everything that lies ahead. From comprehensive coverage to superior assistance, trust our team to support you every step of the way.

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GGC Group

We are a family owned company that is compassionate about helping others. We tailor our services to the needs of our clients.

Insurance Division specializes in Medicare, Health Insurance for families, Health Insurance for businesses and retirement planning. Our agents and Health Care Administrators are there to assist you through every step of the decision making process.

Insurance Services


We help our clients find financial protection with a comprehensive insurance plan to ensure you are always covered.

Individual Health

Find financial protection with a comprehensive group and individual health plans to ensure you are always covered.

Employer Sponsored

Shared risk and stable premiums through the employer’s insurance pool that also helps with taxes.

Life Insurance

We help you acquire more opportunities all under one package. Get the right coverage for the best price!


Reduce your out-of-pocket expenses by covering preventive and basic care, including oral exams, cleanings, fillings, and X-rays.

Interested in Corporate and Group Benefits?

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Do you know your Medicare benefits and choices? See if we can save you hundreds of dollars each year by comparing the many options to find the right plan that fits your individual situation. Find a quote for multiple carriers and all the help you need from our trusted professionals.

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Group Benefits Counseling

We recognize the importance of providing your employees with benefits that matter most to them. Find a strategically designed line of comprehensive benefits with customized health plans designed for your business.

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Health Plans

Whether looking for your first plan or need a renewal, we are here to help. Save your money on unexpected visits to doctors, preventive coverage costs, and prescription drugs with best-suited plans. Find active support available round the clock.

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