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For unbiased and independent advice on employer-sponsored insurance plans, GGC is here to help. We work as your advocates to streamline your insurance needs and find smart solutions to meet them. You can trust us to formulate the perfect insurance portfolio for your company.

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Every business owner needs a guaranteed insurance coverage when looking for employer-sponsored plans. This requires comparing the quotes for different plans and matching them with their changing business needs. This is where we help with our personalized services.

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At GGC, we help to verify the insurance options according to their suitability, affordability, and reliability for your business. The options for employer-sponsored insurance plans include:

Employer-Sponsored Plans for Large Companies

According to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), large businesses with 50 or more full-time employees should provide comprehensive health coverage to their employees.

This not only creates a productive and healthy workforce but also protects your valued human resources. However, you need help to find the right type of plan suitable to your business’s size and the number of employees. The professional and licensed insurance agents at GGC resolve this dilemma with their insightful knowledge.

Employer-Sponsored Plans for Small Companies

Small Companies with less than 50 employees can also provide health insurance to their staff, though it is not mandatory under the Affordable Care Act. The coverage is generally guaranteed.

Before getting quotes for the best plans, consider assessing the prices, value, and variations of each plan. Also, there are various requirements to fulfill. Whether it’s about your contribution to employee premiums or qualification requirements for the plan, GGC offers the best advice and strategies that work for your business.

Why Choose GGC to
Structure Your Benefit Package?


For dealing with the health insurance needs of your employees, we provide our assistance and knowledge to make the process easier. Our licensed insurance agents are well-informed and updated with the latest changes in the industry. This helps us to formulate the best plans as per your specific business model and requirements.

Ease and Accessibility

At GGC, we assign individual account managers to handle the health insurance requirements of various businesses. This ensures a personalized touch, along with easy accessibility to the resources. With us, you’ll get the help you need at any step of the way.

Unbiased Counsel

When you need independent decision-making to choose the products suitable for your business, you can count on us. We provide unbiased advice based on proven facts and reliable resources to empower your decisions.

Comprehensive Solutions

Whether you need our help to deal with the claims, billing, or other issues, we’ll always be there for you. You can rely on our experience in managing the employer-sponsored insurance plans for businesses of all sizes.

Wide Range of Affordable Products

At GGC, we aim to provide the best prices on all the products recommended by our team of insurance agents. We offer low-cost insurance plans that fit your budget without compromising the insurance needs of your employees.

To find your employer-sponsored insurance plan, call us at 832-263-8314 today!

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