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At GGC, we intend to make dental insurance simple. That’s why we find the best insurance plans for you and your family. Whether you want coverage for routine services or out-of-pocket savings, explore the best plans that tick all the right boxes in your insurance checklist. Fill out the gaps in your health insurance coverage with the help of our licensed agents.

What Can You Expect from the Best Dental Plans?

If you explore the options of dental insurance plans from GGC, you’ll find plenty of ways to fulfill all of your insurance needs. Yet, choosing a dental plan can be overwhelming, no matter if you’re familiar with them or not. But, we have created a guide to walk through all of your options.

Our Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Indemnity Plans

Indemnity dental insurance or fee-for-service plan is the closest thing to full coverage in this category. This plan covers a percentage of dental treatment costs at a dental office of your choice and offers the broadest range of covered treatments, with some exceptions.

You’ll get a wider choice of dentists though you also have to co-pay for procedures. At GGC, we have a vast network of dentists spread over different locations to narrow down your options to your specific geographical area.

Dental Discount Plans

GGC offers a wide range of dental discount plans as well to control the costs of your dental care. These are not typically insurance plans. Here, you’ll get a certain amount of discount on the standard costs of dental treatments for a fixed annual premium.

Depending on the type of treatment, discounts can vary from 10-50%, while annual fees may also include preventive care. At GGC, our experts not only find the best discount plans for your needs but also check with your preferred dentists if they can combine this plan with your insurance.


or Dental Health Maintenance Organization

Dental HMO (DHMO) is a prepaid plan that offers coverage through a specific dentist network. The members of this plan get discounted rates for their oral treatments, while some services are absolutely free. No waiting periods or deductibles are there in these plans.

But, DHMOs are smaller networks, and you won’t get any coverage if you seek treatment from a dentist outside this network. At GCC, we provide options of dentists covered by the DHMO network to simplify your choices.


or Dental Preferred Provider Organization

DPPO is quite similar to DHMOs, but they have a wider network of dentists to offer. With these plans, you may find some level of insurance cover even if you seek treatment with a dentist outside DPPOs.

However, the discount will be smaller for using a non-approved, outside-the-network dentist. Whatever is your preference, our licensed agents will find the best insurance plans for you.

Why Choose GGC for Your Dental Insurance?


Whether you need preventive dental coverage or comprehensive coverage for major treatments, GGC offers a wide array of choices. We have plans with different levels of dental benefits to help you find the most reasonable insurance coverage. Plan and control the costs of your dental care with our experience and knowledge.

Best Preventive Care Plans

GGC offers the best insurance plans that cover the costs of preventive and routine dental care. They offer coverage for oral examinations, X-rays, fluoride treatments, and routine cleanings without any deductibles or waiting periods.

Coverage for Dental Services

From basic services like tooth fillings or emergency procedures to major dental treatments like root canals and retainers, you’ll find coverage for them all. This includes coverage for services that are subject to some waiting period or deductibles, as well.

Access to a Wide Network

With GGC’s experience and resources, you’ll have access to an expansive network of practicing dentists. Get professional and reliable care for your oral health at highly affordable costs with our network. Even if you have your preferences, check our network to see if they are already there.

Find and Compare

At GCC, we have the easiest ways to find and compare the best dental insurance plans for you. We offer personalized assistance to recommend the best insurance for your dental health. Also, we have plans to fulfill both your big and small dental care needs.

Know your options and choose the best Dental insurance plans. Call us at 832-263-8314 today!

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