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Choosing the Right HMA Makes Your Medical Costs Diminish

What Is the Right HMA for You?

At GGC, we understand that health insurance costs can be overwhelming unless you have a savings option to reduce your out-of-pocket obligations. HMA or Health Matching Accounts maximizes your health insurance.

Choose the Right Insurance

Our licensed agents will help you to assess your insurance options and choose the right one. We always aim to make health insurance more affordable and reliable for you.

How Does the Balance Grow in HMAs?

(and How Does It Work)

Health Matching Account (HMA) allows individuals to contribute post-tax dollars into an account until they reach a specific target. For every $1 contributed to your HMA account, the service provider adds $2 to build the target balance. Over time, this helps to cover the out-of-pocket expenses your regular insurance doesn’t cover entirely. Every time a claim is filed in HMA, the amount is deducted from the current HMA account of the participant or their family.

The payments made by the participant from the next month rebuild the balance up to the target amount. Whether it’s about your contribution to HMA or settlement of claims you make, we’ve got you covered.

Once you enroll for HMA services, you’ll be issued a prepaid card that you can swipe to pay for your medical expenses. These include co-pays and deductibles up to the limit of your HMA account balance. At GGC, we help you to select a patented-protected and proprietary Health Matching Account for individuals and Health Matching Reimbursement Account (HMRA) for organizations looking to reduce their health insurance burdens.

So, even if you need to pay off the expenses of elective procedures like Lasik, plastic surgery, and fertility treatments, simply talk to our experts to know more about your options and explore them.

What Does An HMA Program Offer?


In an HMA program, you needn’t worry about high deductibles. Here, you can easily roll-over your account balances. Also, you can either increase your target balance or reduce your contribution to minimal maintenance fees after reaching the specific target balance. HMA is a great option if the current insurance:

  • Has high deductibles that you may have to pay out of your pocket
  • Is dental insurance that doesn’t offer the right coverage and HMA can help to pay for your dental care expenses
  • Doesn’t cover elective procedures that you need

Whatever is your reason to choose HMA, you can contact our agents to apply for a plan that suits you best.

Why Choose GGC for Health Matching Account Program?


When high deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses impede your insurance goals, call GGC to explore HMA plans that work for you. Our licensed agents can explain how these contributions work and if this program can benefit your financial goals in the long run.

Review and Compare

GCC helps to review the HMA programs for both families and corporate clients. Use our resources and knowledge to compare the plans available to you. This helps in making informed choices.

Affordable Choices

Become a health-focused and self-pay individual by choosing an HMA program that fits your needs. At GGC, we offer the best alternatives that meet your budget and needs. Explore a cost-saving program without sacrificing the quality.

Continuous Support

Whether you need to assess your HMA plan or you have to make a claim, you can rely on our experts at all times. We are here to resolve your issues and make the process of managing your HMA balance easy.

Need help with your HMA program or contribution? Call us right away at 832-263-8314!

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